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Email display issue in Outlook

Try as I might, I cannot get the button of an email I have created to display properly in outlook (outlook 2016). Same problem in 2013 as well. The button gets cut off. Checked the source, and saw a few things added that didn’t originate from me.

I am using the “button” block from the menu on the right. How can I control it to display properly? I don’t see any way to completely control the html output of the email, so any suggestions are welcome.

I put a ticket into support yesterday at noon (almost 36 hours ago), and still haven’t heard back. Really disappointed that I basically can’t use the product until this is solved…

Just a heads up - I am experiencing the same issue, and also submitted a ticket. I’ll update you if I hear anything new.

Did you guys get this sorted?

I’m having the same problem.

I have that problem too.

Is there some solution on this?

+1 for this issue - that’s now 3+ years and no response…

2020 it is still an issue

I am using images as buttons, so the styling is not affected by ESP. I use

This article might offer some help: