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Email deliverability for emails with attached PDF

Good day,

May you assist me, please?

I have an issue with email deliverability. From 18 emails which I sent only 3 go thru correct and 15 marked as spam on receiver side. But according to SpamAssasin provided by AC email passed check correctly.

Because text of the email is commercial, I cannot show screenshot of the email. About email:

  • no company name in subject

  • no preheader

  • plain text with simple HTML formatting

  • email start with “Dear client,” without any personalization i.e. name, surname or full name.

  • email contain URL which lead to client website “thank you page” (url not shortened and not look like ^$#$@#%)

  • no images

  • PDF file attached directly to the email

  • no use for ReplyTo email

Thank you for any good advices and directions!

Will it help if I?

  • add preheader

  • switch simple text to HTML template with some graphic elements i.e. company logo

  • add personalization with tags to start email like “Dear NAME

  • upload PDF to the cloud and use link instead of direct attachment

  • add ReplyTo email

Kind regards,