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Email confirmation emails

What came out of the chat support? I did another test last night with a brand new email and it took 20 minutes for the opt-in confirmation message to come through. Thinking it was the email address, I used the same email address on a client mailing list using Mail Chimp and it was delivered immediately. So it’s definitely not my mail server.

I’ve contacted support three times via ticket and chat once. I’ve replicated the issues, created screen captures, they have access…but that’s as far as it goes. I believe the opt-in confirmation is critical that it be sent out immediately. The person is interested in what you have to offer and with all the noise out there, having to wait 20 minutes for the opt-in confirmation before they get your lead magnet, they have 20 minutes to be distracted from something else, or figure that your system is broken. This delay issue is my only complaint about AC. Other than that… it’s absolutely fantastic.


I looked into this issue (you may have noticed that I opted into your form with a few different email addresses). With my @icloud email address, I got it literally instantly, then with my work email (hosted gmail) I got it immediately. Then I tried it with my personal gmail address and there was a delay.

After investigating, it appears that there is queue for gmail right now. This happens because gmail has sent us a message that says, basically, “whoa, slow down.” So, the delay, as with so many other things deliverability related, is a trade-off. If we ignored the request to slow down and pushed all our pending emails out, they could be blocked or sent to spam. Arguably, that’s a worse problem to have so we choose not to take that risk and instead opt for a “better safe than sorry” approach.

So, this isn’t a permanent issue, and it doesn’t effect all accounts at once when it does happen, but it might happen occasionally if gmail or another email provider tells us they are receiving too many emails at once.

In the time it took me to post this response, the queue had cleared itself out and my next test went through instantly.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for looking into this… I would believe you 100% other than we did some tests with private .com emails and they were also delayed significantly. I’ll have to do more checking on this to see if it’s a specific hosting platform, but in the time it would take for that, I’ll just make a slight change to wording after the opt-in to buy me some time to do more testing.

I’ll set the opt-in to redirect to a thank you page with some text that the email confirmation is on it’s way, but if they are a gmail user, it may take a few more minutes. Then offer a mini-lead magnet on that thank you page. Once the email confirmation comes in, they get access to the full lead magnet.

I’m absolutely in love with Active Campaign, have set it up for another client and I’ll always refer people to Active Campaign. Setting up the “machine” in AC is sooooo easy and you can really target “who” you want to get “your” stuff. So hopefully with this little text change on the thank you page directed to Gmail users will help. If I am able to gather more stats on delays for non gmail users, I’ll update it here.


I moved this discussion out into their own thread because we kind of hijacked the other topic :wink:

Hmm, I’m not sure what to say about the private domain emails. That could be a whole different issue. If you put together the information, we’ll definitely look into it. I’d recommend sending that info through support because they are better equipped to handle the issue than I am (I had to go through them to get this response for you). Please notify me by PM you’ve got a ticket in on that topic because I’m curious about this.

Glad to hear that you are happy with ActiveCampaign, overall!

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The confirmation mail didn’t come on my arvig webmail. Is it my mail problem? or it the problem of the support system?