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Editing the OnClick / OnSubmit buttons of the form


Hi There,

I’m looking to edit the onClick / onSubmit buttons of a form that I have built, by creating the form within active campaign and editing the code. To explain what I’m doing:

I have 2 forms. The first form asks for first name and email. The seconds asks for email and a radio question.

The client wants to have these forms show up on different pages and to not have the email be asked the second time to help improve the conversion rate.

I know that you can automatically enter in values within the form using the query params like: and then I was going to hide the email form in CSS.

What I’d like to do is take the email from the first form and onSubmit or onClick, route that to a page that has the second form with the email filled in.

I know how to do this in javascript, but when I looked at what AC is doing with forms, they are spinning up / creating the form through JS and I wasn’t sure where to add my method for on completion of the form.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: