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Duplicating Automations


If a client is in one automation, will the automation read tags from another automation? Let me explain.

We’ve set up an automation series that allows the client to request a review from a customer by tagging the contact (Review Request). The client would like to allow each sales person to send the request and have it use their name and signature. The challenge is that the automation checks to see if the email was opened and the link was clicked after 3 days. If it has been opened and clicked then the contact is tagged (Reviewed). If not it’s resent with a different email. It’s then checked again in 3 Days and if it’s still not opened and clicked it’s tagged (NoReview)

Can I simply duplicate the automation and change the content in the email request or will it create a problem?


Yes you can duplicate the automation and all emails will be duplicated. You can then change the content of each email.