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Direct Salesforce integration planned?


Im curious if there is a direct integration with Salesforce planned vs using Zapier, etc? I know there has been discussion on some deep data integrations, and am wondering if any direct integration is planned for Salesforce or if Zapier is the go to for the foreseeable future? i prefer not using third party connections when possible, s just wanted to check. Thanks


No ETA yet, but we are actively working on a Salesforce app/integration currently.


Jason, thanks for that update. That’s really great to hear and will build a lot of confidence. Thank you.


Jason, just checking bak in on the salesforce integration? Still moving ahead? This will be super helpful for us. :slight_smile:

and, let me just say that its great to see all the other integrations keep rolling out. Helps build a lot of confidence, so thank you!


Hey! I’m not sure Jason will be able to respond, so I’ll tell you what I know…

It is still in progress. We surveyed our users to find out exactly what functionality is important to them so we can be sure we make the best integration possible. At this time, I do not have an exact release date or even an estimate for you, but it is actively being worked on here.


Chiming in to say this would be grand. We are a heavy SFDC user. Until now the email marketing provider with the monkey as mascot had the by far best syncing engine. You can create queries, that specifically select contacts based on fields and let them sync to the email provider. This was and is phantastic, but for all other things I prefer AC by far. But I am missing this incredibly powerful SFDC-sync.

Any news on this?


Hi Oliver,

I don’t have an update on this. It’s still in progress and I don’t have a timeline for its release.


In about six weeks this question will celebrate it’s first anniversary. How’s SFDC coming on?


Hey there!

At this time, we still do not have an ETA on release. However, you can use the Zapier integration in the meantime to ensure that you can still pass data over:

Please let us know if you have any questions!



For advanced integration between AC and SFDC, take a look at Skyvia. It offers more integration options then Zapier, and is no coding as well.