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Delete InActive Subscribers


A little help. How can I identify subscribers that not oppened or clicked any of my emails during the last 6 months?
I want to send them a reminder email and if not respond then delete them permanently.
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Hi @epixeireingr!

I would suggest running these automations on your list!

Check em out here:

These two automations will help you clean out those contacts who have not been engaging with your content. After that, you can build in a step that sends them a message and based upon their response - unsubscribes them or not.


Hello @Ted,
Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful.
I appreciate it.



Hey @epixeireingr! Of course, my pleasure!


I wish we wouldn’t have to do that. This is what I think about it: How Can I Bulk Delete Subscribers from ActiveCampaign?


It would be better if it’d be posible to manually “unsubscribe” non-engaged inactive emails to avoid just deleting them?

Maybe tagged differently as “removed” to help differentiate from true unsubscribes - people that do not want to receive emails no more.

Then they would not be counted towards the limit but would still be in the system to avoid reentering the emails without knowing their history.

If you want to reengage them you’d have to get them they’d have to re-subscribe.

I think that this should be the right option.


where I can mark them like unsubscribe?

How Can I Bulk Delete Subscribers from ActiveCampaign?

You can do this contact-by-contact like this:

Or you can use the Bulk Editor to do it in groups with the “Remove from list” action.


These automations are fantastic thank you, it took a couple of reads to understand the logic but now that I have it is a great way to identify non active customers in the database. Once you can segment on this basis using the tag, you can action in numerous ways.


I read this automation a few times, I’m having trouble understanding it.

So are both automations, “Recency of clicks” and “Recency of opens” going to be in the same automation?