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Delete Contact

There is no longer a way to delete contacts when in a Contacts page. Will this feature be added or is it left out for a reason?

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This will be added back very soon

We used to be able to delete a contact from a particular list, not just unsubscribe. But it is no longer an option. Can you please get this feature added back?

Are you talking about deleting from the main contacts page where the list of contacts is shown?

Yes, so we used to be able to click on the contacts associated with the Lists (from the lists tab), then the contacts who are in that list would appear in the Contacts page. You could then tick whoever you wanted and then delete - it would only delete them off that list - not delete the entire contact.

Definitely need to be able to delete the contact from the individual Contact page.
It is a pain to go to the Contact record, review them, decide you are going to delete them, then have to go back to the Contacts List view and find them and delete them there.

Especially, since if you do a search in the contacts list view by contact email address, it takes you straight to the contact record, not stay on the list view so you can delete them. Grrrrr.

So you have to do a search on some partial string so it doesn’t kick you into the contact record view.

It would be great to see this option done through the list subscription preferences - add an option to delete in this screenshot:


The in-ability to delete a contact from the contact details page is annoying. The only work around is to go to the list of contacts, search, select, delete. When you have an exact email address this doesn’t work because AC, helpfully at any other time, pushes you straight to the contact page when you search.

How long before this will be reinstated?


Hi Adam,

You can delete contacts from the contact record by clicking the gear icon that appears next to their name: