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"Date subscribed" is "greater than"?


I’m trying to see who submitted a specific form between a specific date range. In advanced search a few days ago, there was an option to have “date submitted was on or before XYZ.”

Now, the options for dates are greater than, less than, etc. Is that the same thing? The results are wonky. If it is the same thing and I want to see, say people who subscribed between Feb 21 and Feb 25, would it be “greater than or equal to Feb 21” and “less than or equal to Feb 25”? Thanks!



I’m still looking into this issue. Our developers are looking into it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ll reply here when I have an update for you.


I am having what I think is a similar issue. I am making some text in a campaign conditional on a date. The only option I have to select is “greater than,” “less than,” “equals,” “contains.”

When I do an advanced search I get appropriate search conditions for date fields, such as “on,” “after,” “before,” etc.

How do I get these same search conditions when managing conditions in a campaign?


I am creating a new campaign and I am having similar issues with the conditional feature but with a custom text field.
A section displays if [Contact: Event] [Equals (Is)] [Value 1] and another section that is displayed if [Contact: Event] [Equals (Is)] [Value 2]

Running some tests on some test users and who has [Contact: Event] [Equals (Is)] [Value 1] doesn’t show. Same when I change the value to [Value 2].

It is starting to look like a bug…