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Date Field Behavioiurs

Some odd date field behaviours in the CRM interface.

Firstly it is displaying a date (today’s) where none should exist. The field in question has an empty default value set and the Contact has been subscribed for several months. So there is no reason there should be a value in that field, let alone today’s date.

In addition, the format displayed is ignoring the rules set up in the Advanced Settings area.


Thanks for reporting – should be resolved shortly

Hi, I have also a problem with the date fields. When I want to pick a date from the calendar it wil not pick a date. Not in the general fields and also not in the Tast fields.

See screencapture:


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. What browser and OS are you experiencing this with? Can you shoot me an email to with that info and your account name so I can try to reproduce this? Thanks!