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Custom Fields on Modal Forms- Not Available?



We are a new user of ActiveCampaign and have set-up a number of forums.

While experimenting with Modal Forms (Floating) we can see Custom Fields are not available at all, restricted only to Name and Email Address.

This is compare to In-line Forms, where Custom Fields can be included without issue.

I can see that as long ago as May 2016 users have requested the ability to include fields such as Phone Number, is made availability.

Programatically, i cannot think of any reason why this was not made available from Day 1.

ActiveCampaign, can myself and the community please have an update on this?

Kind Regards



Hi James,

We’re open to making improvements to our form builder but at this time we aren’t actively developing any changes that will allow custom fields on modal forms.

To make this more likely to happen, please submit this request as feedback here. That feedback will go directly to our product team who will prioritize it with the other feature requests we’ve received. The more requests we get for this functionality, the more likely it is to happen.


Hi Brian,

Thank you for the response.

I have previously submitted a request, however i am concerned that it will simply remain unaddressed.

It seems like a very minor change, that will bring significant value to the ActiveCampaign community.

Is there a reason why it was originally omitted?



I’m not sure why it was omitted originally. I can try to ask the product team and get back to you or they may reply here later.


I got a bit more information, Jason. It sounds like the reason it wasn’t included was because of issues with the mobile versions of the forms breaking when additional fields are added. It sounds like this isn’t something we’ve ruled out by any means.


OK, that explains it.

While i am not in a position to understand the exact issue, could a work-around be to only enable custom fields in Modal Forms on desktop browsers?

Forms can be made ‘mobile-aware’ quite easily.

Otherwise, any ETA to resolve in a future development sprint would be appreciated.


That’s probably a good solution. I’ll pass that on to product.

I’m afraid I can’t give an ETA at this time.


Still not available eh? Would also love to have this.