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Custom Confirmation Links


Dear Community,

I really hope you can help us with our issue.


We’ve been using Active Campaign for quite a while, however now we would like to integrate it with some of the backend services our developers have written.

I’ll explain you the idea a bit, which consists of 3 steps.

We want the user to confirm (step 1) his email until he can start a survey (step 2). The survey link will be sent in a separate email, we need to do this to comply with double opt in.

After the survey has been completed, the user shall receive a 3rd email asking him for the registration (step 3).

We thought of creating 3 custom email templates, without automation initially.

Now the questions:

  1. In order to grasp the email and the user survey results, we need to save it in our backend, thus once the user has filled in his email on our website to receive the survey link, we save this email and generate a unique link for him. How can we put this link into active campaigns email template?

  2. How can we tell active campaign to send these 3 emails (steps) to the user with our own custom link?

A help is very much appreciated!