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Cost of ActiveCampaign Setup

I am totally new to activecampaign. I want to set up a drip e-mail campaign based upon a Facebook Leads ad. I am talking why an upwork freelancer, but I honestly have no frame of reference in determining what are appropriate charges. He is a developer based in the Phillipines, and I guess a part of me was hoping for a lower rate for offshore work. He is proposing a flat fee of $1500 to: 1) set up my facebook leads ad with download of content in exchange for e-mail address, 2) set up the Zap to ActiveCampaign, 3) set up typical automations t manage the e-mail drip, remove those not engaging,etc.

He also wants $1000 a month to “manage” things. I hate these management things - I definitely am going to say no to that, but wonder what in the world is there to managment once the thing is set up. Any advice would be appreciated.

depending on how many drip emails do you want. but that price is a bit too much. it is not that much effort. feel free to message me if you want to discuss this.