Contacts with multiple email addresses


Is there any way - or any roadmap of a way - to have one contact with multiple email addresses?

For example, we have contacts with a work address, a personal address, and an address they use for newsletters. At the moment I’m forced to either (a) have three separate entries for one person or (b) force them to use one email address for all communication.

It may be that once upon a time when databases were getting started it was assumed that people would only have one email address but that’s no longer true.

It would be fantastic if I could have John Somebody in the database with a newsletter address, work address, etc. and emails going to the proper lists accordingly.

If this isn’t possible is there any clever workaround?




Hi Ruth (@ncjwavic1),

We don’t have anything on our roadmap at the moment to support multiple email addresses per user. With that being said, I would submit this as an idea to the product team for future consideration.

So, you will need to create three different contacts in order to get emails to the right address.


Sorry to hear, I’ll put in the idea.


I think this speaks to the fact that AC is a tactical solution and great at what it is built to do - email marketing. AC is not a relational database, hence no ability to link many (emails) to one (contact). Fields are not an efficient way to capture the additional emails either as one field is going to go into all your records regardless if you only use a couple for additional emails. Other CRM/contact management deficiencies such as document management, the ability to schedule activities for others and have work group functions, etc. are lacking. It may make sense to add a contact manager and link it with AC.


Hi eyefuze,

We did look at several email marketing systems and chose ActiveCampaign because of the marketing, the automation, AND because at Plus level and above it comes with a CRM. (And, because it integrates with WooCommerce - and comes in a lovely shade of blue - but I digress.)

I understand the ActiveCampaign CRM isn’t going to be as complex as say, Salesforce, and has a different emphasis.

I also understand that this inability to send different communications for the same individual to different email addresses - is common to most if not all databases out there, so I’m not complaining about ActiveCampaign not having that feature, but boy would it be great if it did! :grinning:



Hi Ruth - ‘CRM’ can be a nebulous term. I go back to mid 1980’s when I became one of the first Certified Consultants for ACT!. They heralded in the age of ‘Contact Management’ and replaced the index cards for sales people. I next certified with Goldmine which was one of the first to offer a program for people that wanted to work together as a group. That meant it could facilitate inter department touchpoints and present an Account view. It was relational so you could have multiple contacts under one account. Next came Seibel and Saleslogix which was more of a true CRM which meant that you could integrate back office data (which we used to do on a fairly regular basis with Goldmine as well).

So when you say ‘CRM’ that would imply that you avoid the worst possible scenario which is when a customer calls and asks you about an order and you reply ‘which order’ lol. If you cannot see all the past transaction history in the account you do not have true CRM imho. So yes, you get to track opportunities in AC but if you have ever tried to do an automation where there are multiple opportunities involved it can get very clumsy as you can only reference the last opportunity in the automation.

So AC does have a long way to go to catch up to some of the features but from a price/performance point of view it is a tremendous value. Not to mention that about 60% of all ‘CRM’ system will fail you do not have a lot of exposure to cost loss.

Importantly, your project is like a stool where it has four legs; people, process, data and technology. If any of these is off you are not going to realize the full benefit.


Thanks for the detailed reply! I remember a few iterations of ACT - as a customer not a consultant lol.

Thinking again of AC’s strong/weak points, I’m not trying to create automations with multiple opportunities or manage documents, just trying to keep my mailing lists and contacts straight. I have limited experience with databases and don’t know if having the email address as the primary key makes it difficult to implement my query/suggestion.



Ruth - Making multiple contacts and using Lists/Segments would be one way to go to avoid adding extra fields. In any case it is always helpful to create a living document that describes process and consequent use of the system.

So if promotions are going to one email and you have the same contact getting a newsletter you would have a section that describes (step by step) how the process works. In the event of your absence or a new hire it is a lot easier to point at one document and say read that then to expect somebody to just ‘get it’. - Steve


Steve - We do have lists and segments set up. However when someone is “just” looking for contact information they’ll bring them all up with a simple search.

As we have people that are, um, not technologically sophisticated it’s confusing for them. I might look into (selective?) sync with Office 365.

Re process documents, I write them but it’s hard getting anyone to read them. The bus factor is high here.



so it’snot on the roadmap at this stage… Strange.It is So common for people to have one email for paypal / stripe and another one or two (as outlined above). I have just experienced one such instance with a customer it it was a total mess. You can imagine. Wife booked, husband paid, wife followed up. One record was in the trash the other was in a payment list with without related data…arrrrg. Surely I am NOT the only one. Sing loud, sing proud, AC will need to address this issue and will probably come out of the corner with their gloves in the air :wink:


I find this frustrating too. I often end up with multiple contacts due to the contact having multiple emails. It would be useful if AC could “flag” potential duplicates, then offer a merge functionality - without having to manually find these.