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Contact Relationships Between Lists: Tags and Custom Field Help


Hi All

Having a bit of trouble figuring out this issue in relating contacts in list A to contacts in list B. For some context
list “A” is Franchisees and list “B” is customers (belonging to the Franchisees in list “A.”)

The use case is as follows:

Franchisees are sent a form in which they can opt-out of corporate sending email communications to their customer base on their behalf. Once they submit the form they are tagged as “opt-out.” The issue I’m having is relating this opt-out tag to apply to everyone within that group (Group #, custom field.)

As of now, the only way I can think to relate, group, then tag the customers belonging to the franchisee that opted out is to create a segment in list “B” (Customers) that includes a condition “group # is one of” and listing out all of the group #'s of the franchisees that opted-out.

What I’m looking for a is a simple way to relate the customers to their franchisee and apply an opt-out tag to both franchisees and their customers, who are on two different lists (Franchisees and Customers) ensuring that only customers of the franchisees that elected to move forward get sent an email communication. Naturally, I’m looking to remove all risks of human error by having this as some sort of relationship where the Franchisee would act as a “parent” to the “child” customer.

More than happy to explain in more detail if need be and any help is appreciated!