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Contact in 2 stages of same pipeline


Hello all,

I’m trying to wrap my head around something. Is it possible to have the same contact have 2 different deals in 2 different stages of the same pipeline? If so, what’s the best way to make sure the correct deal in the correct pipeline in the correct stage is updated?

for example:

pipeline 1
–stage 1 (prospects)
–stage 2 (current projects)
–stage 3 (monthly membership)
–stage 4 (completed projects)
–stage 5 (past clients)

when we make contact with a prospect, we put them in stage 1. when we convert them to either a project based client or a monthly membership client, we update the deal and move it to that particular stage.

for example: John Smith is a prospect
We convert John Smith to monthly membership, where they will sit in our membership automation until they cancel.

During this time, John may purchase a project from us, in which case we ADD a deal to the project stage for John.


John has a deal in Stage 3 (monthly membership)
John has a deal in Stage 2 (current project)

When these automations run their course and need to update the proper deal in proper pipeline in proper stage how can this be done? The only options I see are:


There’s no way to ensure I update the deal in the proper stage.

any tips/ideas are welcome.