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Contact form 7 and activecampaign

I would like to send the form Content from my wordpress plugin, called contact form 7, to activecampaign, so to read the content and to trigger some automation.
How could I do this integration? Any help please?

I also wanted to decide on whether or not to use CF7 and send that data to AC or to change plugins and use AC plugin forms that will definitely send the data to AC.

With Active Campaign’s plugin it will send the data without problems, but you will not have the data stored in Wordpress anymore unless you create custom code to do that or there is another plugin out there that I don’t know of.

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The Contact Form 7 plug-in works, but not completely for me. The plug-in enables you, if you have the premium version, to gather all data and even send data to custom data fields in AC, which is great. Using a ‘tag’ you could start an automation. Contact Form 7 can add a tag to a contact if he or she submits the form, and you can use ‘tag added’ as a trigger to start your automation.

However, what I’m struggling with is the site tracking. When someone submits a form through an AC plug-in, you get the IP address and will be able to track everything that contact does on your website. This is great when you’re working with lead scoring. Unfortunately, when you use the Contact Form 7 plugin, you do not get the IP address thus making it impossible to track your contacts activity.

Anyone know a way around this?

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You can use Apiway for this
IT is a free integration platform
send webhook to apiway from Contact Form 7 and after that add contact in Ac

I was able to connect my Contact Form 7 to ActiveCampaign using MailOptin plugin as the bridge. Here’s the article on how to do it

Hope that helps.

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The basic version of the plugin ( worked for me, but now that I’ve upgraded to pro it’s stopped working!

Any ideas?

Hello, did you manage to solve your problem with the pro version of the Plugin?

No, i never gotthis working.

I’ve had to use an extra mail parser step in zapier