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Confirmation: Emails in an automation to be sent out every day at specified time

Hi all,

I host a 30-day email course that is sent out to subscribers every day (after date of subscription) for the next 30 days.

Currently, I utilize the ‘Wait condition’ (1 day) but the problem is if someone signs-up let’s say at 11:00pm they are condemned to receive all emails at 11:00pm for the 30-day period.

I want all emails to be sent out at 7:00 am (my timezone) irrespective of sign-up time.

Below is a snapshot piece of current automation:

Now I have copied the same automation & attempted to change the start/send time of all emails in the sequence to 7:00am.

Below is a snapshot piece of the duplicate automation:

My assumption is that the emails will be sent out everyday at 7:00am.

Have I cracked it :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

You’re very close!

All these emails will be sent at 7am Nairobi time but I think what you want is for the campaigns to be sent at 7am for the contact. Here’s where to find the (Contact’s Timezone) setting:

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Thanks Brian for the confirmation & handy tip. Much appreciated. :beers:

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What about this scenario?

  1. Subscribers signs up at 3am on Tuesday.
  2. The receive email 1 immediately.
  3. 7am Tuesday rolls around and email 2 is sent out 4 hours after email 1.

Ideally, email 2 would go out Wednesday at 3am.

I understand that you could do a wait 1 day + a wait until trigger.

But then it would cause some issues in the following scenario where:

  1. Subscriber signs up 10am Wednesday.
  2. They receive email 1 immediately.
  3. Wait 1 day (-> 10am Thursday)
  4. Wait until 7am (-> 7am Friday)
  5. Email 2 goes out 7am Friday.

Ideally, it would go out 7am on Thursday.

How do you address those two conflicting scenarios? Thank you!

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Any help with this one? Thanks.

I agree! I would love to know what someones says.

if you are sending out at 11 Am, would it be
wait 11 hours
wait until 11 AM

if they sign up at 11:30 PM then at 10:30 AM is 11 hours later, and then it waits until 11 AM to send.
if they signed up at 12:30 AM then 11:30 AM is 11 hours later, and they wait another day until 11 AM.

Did you find a way around that issue? I’m having the same issue with our automation flows.

They should get the first email right away.
After that, they should get the next email the next morning at 9 AM.

In MailChimp, we could just set it to “Next day at 9 AM”, but now the automated flow has been transferred to ActiveCampaign, I have no idea how to set this up correctly, without either having too little or too much time between the welcome email and the second email in the automation.

Any ideas, anyone?


Hey Liesa, I am also stumped by the same issue :confused: