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Client-facing portals + ActiveCampaign


Is there anyone here that uses ActiveCampaign as their CRM in addition to another app for their client-facing portal?

We are trying to find a software that will create a client portal for us - a place where our counselors and admin team can display a timeline, appropriate resources and documents along with an invoicing/time tracking system. We work in educational consulting, but don’t necessarily like the options out there available to us (College Planner Pro, GuidedPath) as they don’t interact with other apps (specifically ActiveCampaign & Calendly).

Anyone have any companies/softwares that they use for a portal? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Did you have any luck with this? @acceptu


Somewhat - we are in the process of on-boarding with Cialfo and they are creating an ActiveCampaign integration for us. It’s very ed-consulting focused so unless you are in that industry it probably won’t be a viable option.