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Cleaning lists from (hard) bounce and unsubsribe

I have spend some time and I think I read all articles about “cleaning list”. I want:

1. put some people on exclusion list (for example if he answers “I never gave my permission to receive these emails, please report this as abuse” what is not true as he has subsribed himself )

2. remove all hard bounce emails (delete them or put them inactive)

I can see the lists under reports but there is no option to exclude, delete or remove them. Even in automation I can not get the bounce or unsubscribed filtered.
Is it possible that you have blocked all list cleaning tools to cripple user in their ability to clean their mail list to have more active users they have to pay for?
How can I handle or remove the bounces and people who report abuse?


I could answer or find it myself, it works with -exclusions -batch action

Hi @samt1,

I’m not sure I understand what you are looking for.

Are you just looking for a way to remove your contacts from lists if they are a hard bounce?

Talk soon,


yes, and I found it.

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Awesome @samt1!



Hi @samt1
I’m looking for the same thing. Could you tell me how do you did it ?
thanks a lot

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