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Can't turn off site messaging

I created a simple automation to display a test message when a contact visits a page – it worked.

I de-activated the automation – but it still appears when I visit the page.

I rebooted and cleared cookies. It still appears.

The original automation was for specific URLs, but it is appearing on other URLs that go to the same page (i.e.,* and*)

I visit the page via a URL that was never “whitelisted”. It still appears.

I deleted the site message. It still appears.

I deleted the automation. It still appears.

I try a different computer. It still appears.

Update: about 30 min after deactivating the automation, and a bit less time after the other steps I mentioned, the site message seems to have stopped appearing.

I am having the same issue with site messages. The message pops up everytime I visit the website, no matter how many times I dismiss it. Is it still in BETA stage?

Site Messages is no longer in beta. What you’re describing sounds like a bug. If you haven’t already, email our support team at and they can look into it for you. Thanks!