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Can you use same account on multiple domains?


This might be a super basic question, but can I use my one AC account to create email sign up lists across 2-3 domains, or is each AC account meant to only be used for one website?



Hey Joe,

We have many users utilizing our platform across numerous businesses and domains.

One limitation is that your tracking links in your campaigns will only be available from one domain, so if that is not something you’re concerned with, then continue on! However, if you’ll need separate tracking URLs then I would recommend setting up different accounts for each business/domain.


Good to know Ted, thanks.

What specifically do you mean by tracking links, and where are those used? Is that the site tracking feature to know when people revisit your site or something else?


@Ted, I have the same question as @Joe here re: “tracking link limitation.” Is there some type of URL shortener functionality in AC that perhaps I’m unaware of?

@Joe I’m using one AC account to house lists from a number of different businesses and domains without issue- Site Tracking works fine across multiple domains for this.

Curious what the tracking link limitation is though… Perhaps it’s referring to the Google Analytics integration being tied to only one Analytics acct?


I assume he meant there is a single account url which would be shown when you click on links and what not. There is no limitation on domains or anything like that…


Hey @grid7 & @Joe!

My apologies for the confusion - @jason is correct I was referring to your single ActiveCampaign account URL being shown. As mentioned there are no limitations in Google Analytics or site tracking.


@grid7 “Site Tracking works fine across multiple domains for this.” Does it differentiate which domain the user visits for tracking, or will 2-3 domains be grouped into one domain? I know for Hubspot you can put their code on multiple domains, but it will only show your primary domain.

@jason @Ted Would love your additional input as well!


It does not group anything. You would see the history across all the domains (and be able to segment/trigger based on any of them)


@jason Awesome, that’s great. Will test it out now!


@joe - please reach out if you find yourself having more questions - here to help :slight_smile: !


Hi @Ted You mean that if my domain is, and I email a list in my account designed for brand 2, the links in the email for brand2 will display a URL displaying the main name of the account. e.g. brand1.


I was wondering is het easy to split the account by domain later on when the list get bigger?