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Can we Filter by Stages?



We are trying to understand how many proposals we sent on a per month basis. We have a stage on our sales pipeline that is named (contract sent). For our own internal reporting porpuses, we would like to filter, for example, how many contracts were sent in February (we only have one owner/sales rep). We just upgraded to the updated version of this CRM and wanted to know if this is an option on the new reporting tab, or if there is a way to filter our data to get the # for contracts (stage) sent per any given month.


Hey there!

At the moment, our reports don’t include stage specific data that is searchable by date. However, you can build a quick automation that will add the date that the deal was moved into that stage, and then you can search for that field to pull everything for that month.

First, you’ll want to create a custom date field for “Date Entered,” which will be used to add the date that the deal entered that stage. (You can find instructions on creating custom fields here).

Once you’ve created the custom date field, you can go ahead with the automation. The start trigger for the new automation will be “Stage Changes.” After that, you’ll just need to add an action to update the custom field for the contact affiliated with the deal, and have the field updated to the current date. Any time a deal is moved into that stage, the field will update.

After the field updates, you can do an Advanced Search on the Contacts page to find the proper deals. For example, in February you would use the conditions “Date entered is on or after 2/1/18 AND Date entered is on or before 2/28.” This will catch any deals that enter the Contract Sent stage in that month.

Please let us know if you have any questions! You can also book a one-on-one session here if you’d prefer to go over this on a shared screen call with one of our Customer Success reps.




Thank you so much @mguse this is exactly what we were looking for. :smiley:


@mguse one of our members brought up the fact that we have multiple deals going for one contact that can close on different dates. would the date stamp change or be an add-on as a secondary entry once a second or third contract is sent (placed on the contract sent stage)?

I currently have the automation to run once. would changing it to multiple times be the solution we are looking for.

Again this is so we know how many contracts were sent on a monthly basis. and since the date stamp will update the contact’s profile, we thought it might be a conflict to what we are trying to do.


@sgwdesignworks Thanks for clarifying!

That will make the workflow a bit different, as that field would just be overwritten for each new deal. In this case, I would recommend using a webhook to push the data to another location, like Google Sheets. From there, you’ll be able to sort and filter the data as needed.

This workflow will be really similar to the one outlined in this Help article, so you should be able to use this as a guide:

Also, our Product team is always looking for feedback on how our clients are using the platform, so please drop them a line at to request this functionality.

Thanks, and please let us know if you have any questions!



@mguse thank you for the response. I am trying to set up the webhook, but when trying to map the webhook with my google sheets fields, I can not find the date stamp field I added on AC (this is a custom field I added to capture the date when a deal moves into a specific pipeline stage) which is the one I want to capture on my google sheets. Is there any way to know which field I need to link or where to look for it?
I followed the instructions, but as you stated it would be a different flow, I just can’t find the field as an option when I am trying to map it.

I have selected all the Contact and Deal types and initialize by contact, by admin user, by system process and was not able to find the custom field …