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Can I REPLY to a tracked-reply for a Contact?


At the start of my email course I ask “what is your goal” and ask them to reply.

Is there a way to reply back to them (reply to their reply) within Active Campaign, so that it’s tracked in AC?


Hi Clay (@bungalowsoftware),

One-to-one emails will be a good solution I think. You can email a contact and REPLY to a contact directly from ActiveCampaign. It will track opens and replies. Check out the short video below I created to get an idea of what the tracking and REPLY would look like. Also, check out this help doc. on how to get started with one-to-one emails.




How come I dont see that “reply” button you have there? Also when someone replies to my campaign I get the “reply campaign” email but not the “email received you have there”.

I want to have a 1 on 1 conversation with the potential client and log all those emails, I don{t mind tracking on the contact or on the Deal, but I just can´t make it happen could you please elaborate a little bit more?



Hi Roberto (@quieroaprendertarot),

This is a great question!

You will only see a button to “reply” when clicking on “Email Received”. However, in order to track emails received you must have a deal created for that contact.

So, if a deal is created for the contact all communications will be logged. You can then reply to the emails once an email is received within the contact.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions,



I’m sorry I can’t seem to figure this out :frowning:
I will try to explain my pipeline here to see if this is something I can fix.

What I want to do:

  1. Capture leads on my website through a form (name and email)
  2. When I get a lead, I want to send an automated email starting the negotiation process (I sell a personalized service so there is a lot of back and forth emailing asking questions and coordinating delivery)
  3. We get around 3 to 5 emails back and forth negotiating, I want those tracked in AC.
  4. I close the deal (or not) and move the contact to a specific list.

How Im doing it:

  1. Capture leads on a AC form embedded on my website
  2. I have an automation in place with the following steps:

Automation Steps submits form
2.notify my parner via email
3.Add deal to pipeline
4.Send email “first contact” - In this email I select the option “Reply tracking”
5.End this automation

  1. Finally I move the lead manually through the pipeline.

What happens:

  1. The contact fills the form and I get the lead in the system, the notification email to my partner is sent and the contact is added as a deal to my pipeline.

  2. The contact gets the automated email and I get the “campaign sent” and “campaign open” info on the recent activities.

  3. When they answer that email I get that email in AC as “Replied to campaign”. I CANNOT reply to that email. I can only send a new email which is already a bummer.

  4. When I send a new email, to the contact in the Deal tab, it’s sent but if they answer, I get no tracking (I do get the response on my email although)

This way, I only end up with half the information since I am not tracking THEIR responses on AC, just my sent emails which in the end doesn’t work.

I hope this is clear enough to get some help, AC looks fantastic and I hope I can make it work for me.

Thank you for your help!



Hi Roberto (@Roberto0,

Not to worry, I’m here to help!

You can do this, just need to connect your IMAP/email accounts under: “My Settings” --> “Deals” --> Under “Email Accounts” click on “Add Account” --> “Save Settings”

Also, make sure the reply-to address is set to the right deal owner (if it’s just you, put your email in). That way the deal owner can do everything from their email inbox. Also, all of the messages will sync with ActiveCampaign since they already created a deal through the automation.

Let me know if you have any other questions Roberto!



Hi @pleon thanks for the above. I’m having the same issue however. My email is connected to AC and I can’t see the reply button…

The reply address is not me however, should this be an issue?