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Campaign Rename

That’s not possible right now.

That’s too bad, but it’s not a high priority. Thanks.

This is too bad it’s not available. I currently work with a sales team and they don’t always accurately title their campaigns. This makes it hard to create re-targeting funnels for them when all their campaigns are named “specials for this month”. Maybe AC will re-evaluate this request :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to the feature being added.

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Any progress on this? As the previous user pointed out, sometimes the campaigns do not receive the proper identification which creates a mess when you’re trying to track data. I understand the importance of leaving the native information alone, but will it ever be possible to at least change the NAME of the campaign, especially since it doesn’t touch any of the original data?


I would really love the ability to change the campaign name as well… Any updates???


No - I just had a call with someone from Active Campaign and I said this is the most frustrating thing about it!

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I would love to have this feature as well. Mailchimp has it and I recently moved from them. My VA often names a campaign something that doesn’t later make sense to me. This is kind of a big deal folks. This small feature would save us so much time!!!

Please add it to your roadmap soon. :pray:


+1 I share the same need.
Did a duplicate of a previous campaign and the name doesn’t make sense now :confused:
I will definitely pay more attention for next campaigns.
Hope the feature will be added soon
thanks !!


I’m also hoping we can rename a campaign that we named poorly.


Your link doesn’t work…do you have a way to change campaign names that you can share with us?

We desperately need this feature as well. Especially in instances where the search and display options truncate full campaign names, and for better defining multiple resends.

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guys, we need this renaming campaigns possibility.

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I agree - we really need this as we have multiple people creating campaigns, and sometimes errors are made in titling that really cause a big headache for us later on, so it would be great to be able to rename them on the admin end.

Agree we need this feature.

I agree - this is a critical feature so your database makes sense and is usable. The campaign name is not prominent enough when you duplicate a campaign to regularly remember to change it. So this happens a lot!! Seems like a very easy feature to implement…please prioritize doing this.

I need this feature also.

I need this feature too…!

+1 for renaming a sent campaign

Yes, really want this functionality to rename sent campaigns. Like many others, we have clients or others also utilizing AC who aren’t as well-versed in best practices and naming conventions, so it gets really messy when we can’t rename.

Yes, we need this feature as well! It seems such a basic thing, how have AC not already done it?