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Call center software integration


Hi there,

We are Nectar Desk, an Active Campaign integration partner and we have just recently integrated our call center software with Active Campaign.

Our integration allows you to:

  • sync contacts
  • log calls and access recordings in AC
  • create deals in AC directly from the Nectar Desk dial pad
  • add deal notes in AC directly from the Nectar Desk dial pad
  • create outbound calling campaigns in Nectar Desk

The benefit to you is that you can now perform tasks more quickly in Active Campaign without having to switch between your virtual phone and CRM interface.

To learn how to set up the integration, check out this tutorial on YouTube:

To learn more about the Nectar Desk call center software, visit

If you have any questions on how it works, don’t hesitate to reach out!



DON’T USE NECTAR DESK. It may integrate but the call quality is poor and the service is lacking. In 2 months that I have had it I have lost more business because of call quality and connection that would pay for 2 decades of a VOIP service of similar costs. They are a third party service so trying to port a number has been time consuming and frustrating.

I regret my decision to use their service.