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Bulk Edit - Missing Options

“Update Field” is missing from the bulk update contact options.

Thanks for reporting! We are looking into this.

Is bulk editing working at all? We’re trying to add tags and add contacts to an automation through the editor. We go through the process as we normally would but nothing happens after we see the confirmation pop-up that says editing is in progress.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? It’s a huge problem for my clients. A number of them use the bulk editing function daily and haven’t been able to since the beta launched.

Which bulk edit option(s) are you trying to use?

“Update Field” is the one I really need to use. It’s not even an option at the moment.

Yes, that option should be available again by mid week

“Add to Automation” also doesn’t seem to be working.

Thank you. I’ve added this to our backlog for our developers to look into.


Updating Custom Fields is not working.

Bulk Edit is still missing Add to Automation. When will this be added back in?

This was fixed a while ago. If you’re not seeing it in your account you should contact or if you want to give me your account name I can test it in your account name.