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Bulk Create Custom Field Value

Hello all,

I am trying to update all contact fields when adding a contact through the API (v3) but from the documentation it seems to be a cumbersome task than I expected.

It seems I have to send an update request to …com/api/3/fieldValues/id for each custom field as stated here.
If I have 10 custom fields that would result in 10 request which exceed the ActiveCampaign API rate limit of 5 requests per second per account.

Is there a planned Bulk Create Custom Field Value endpoint or a workaround to this?
If no I guess I’ll have to turn to an older version of the API (v1). Is the older version of the API (v1) planned to be turned off at some point?


Hi @screenagers54437,

Looks like our dev team is working on this issue for you now. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.



I also would appreciate this feature in the v3 API.

@screenagers54437 did you find a workaround in v2? I don’t seem to be able to find v2 docs, but will probably use the v1 endpoint here. They say there are no current plans to discontinue support for the v1 API here so it should be safe for now.

@vflores do you know if there is a timeline for having this feature implemented? I would like to continue using the v3 API but wouldn’t be able to wait more than a month or so on it.

Thanks all.

Does the dev team work on fixing the limitation for that customer or do they work on a bulk / batch resource solution?

I haven’t found a workaround and I meant v1* Apparently v2 is skipped.

+1 from us. Can’t believe we are required to make 10 separate calls to update 10 fields on a contact. Tried using the “Collections” method but that failed too.


Same problem here.

Thought i was doing something wrong, and even tried the plural syntax for resources like your documentation states but no dice.

Per contact created we’re looking at over 10 calls for all the required fields, which is apparantly over the limit?

Can somebody tell me if there is any progress on solving this issue?



Same problem here… anything new about that?

We are having same issues. This can’t be the case. Tech department, can you please step in this matter?

We do want to mass update a lot of custom fields in de DEALS section. In the Contacts section this is no problem, but in the deals section it’s undo-able without making extra calls per custom field.

@sneleentaxi looks like there is an API call to bulk update custom deal fields:

So you should be able to iterate through the fields in your code base, and build and send one payload.

@sundog Unforunatelly this is not really the case. This option only works to bulk update all values of all deals. So it really has to do with the FIELD ID’s for all deals, not the custom value of a specific input from a field id. So this is still a pretty big flaw in the Active Campaign API.

@sundog @sneleentaxi The endpoint you want to bulk update custom deal fields is:

The method names are very confusing :slight_smile:

This endpoint allows you to specify a dealId, a customFieldId, and a fieldValue for multiple values.

I’m testing this currently with Postman to update the values of specific deal custom fields for a specific deal, and it works as expected.

Still doesn’t solve the problem of bulk updating contact custom fields though :man_shrugging:

Bulk updating custom fields is possible with version 1 of the API - specifically this endpoint: contact_edit.

Here’s what it looks like in Postman (note the two custom fields I’m editing highlighted in green):

And here are the updated fields in my contact record:


I still can’t see a bulk update option for version 3 of the API, but it’s possible—and still supported—wither version 1.

@screenagers54437 I complete feel you pain and concern on using v1.

Also, I think there is no endpoint to bulk update contacts in general, so someone would need to update contacts 1 by 1? Is this correct? Or maybe I have missed the existence of such endpoint in the docs?

This is a must feature, if someone wants to update 10.000 members, assuming each member has 10 custom fields, then someone would need to make 100.000 API calls?? Sick!

sadly the support said there isn’t a function to bulk update contacts.

upvote the ideas here please, maybe they will develop it

Thanks, upvoted, along with some others

Any update on this? Or are we still using the V1 api to update multipe custom fields?