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Im just now setting up my RSS and Im finding that the RSS is not picking up my blog videos. With MailChimp, it would populate the image of the video and then when they clicked it, the person would be taken to the post.

My blog (just launched) is a combo of video and copy. The video piece is very critical. Im currently using Vimeo because its the only way I could get MailChimp to do the latter, but I also have a Wistia account. With MailChimp, it was not picking up my embedded videos on my blog, so I had to change it up to a link based video and then the Chimp grabbed the image.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @realmomentsrealpeopl!

Welcome to ActiveCampaign, we’re glad to have you :).

So, with your new RSS based campaigns that you once achieved by hosting your video on Vimeo and sending with the Chimp, you’ve not been seeing the same with Vimeo or Wistia in your AC campaigns?

What populates when you send yourself a test campaign?


Nothing populates in the test post, in terms of the video. With MailChimp- it did not play well or at all with Wistia nor embedded videos. The only way I could get MailChimp to pick it up was to post the video as a weblink from Vimeo into my blog.

The weblink approach noted above has a massive downside. If does not take them to my blog page, it takes them to Vimeo. So while someone already on the blog could view the video in concert with the written content, not the case with my video.

What I am needing, Im on hosted Wordpress (Syhthesis) is for, at a minimum, the video to populate along with some of the copy, all of which links back to my blog. As in, if they click the video or “read more” - then end up on my site.

Thanks for the welcome :wink:


I should have said, nothing populates with my Active Campaign test. The MailChimp piece is what how this was handled in the past. Sorry if that was confusing


No it’s ok! Just trying to understand what’s going on :smile:!

I’ve asked my team and we’d like you to submit a support ticket and we’ll help you troubleshoot a solution.

Please make sure to follow up when you’ve reached a solution!


I did submit a ticket, the same time as I posted this. No response yet. Its just a very critical part to my launch and model. Thanks for popping in


Did you find a solution for this? I have the same issue with YouTube videos. Thanks!


Its not possible as an RSS feed. You will have to manually send out your emails with video attached on a campaign basis. I did a TON of research on this and while MailChimp does pick up some info (mainly the image of the video, which AC needs to make happen in my view), really no one offers this. When I do I video, I take a hi rez screenshot of the video’s title card with the player button. I then inserted it as image, obviously and linked that image to what was (Im now doing a podcast) my video blog. That worked well in terms of click through rates and seems to be the norm.


Joining this thread a couple of years during which time tech has evolved to enable embed video in email. Why not embed a short clip of of your video within your email which plays at the moment of opening, here’s details of how to do it with Active campaign: and here’s the result of an A/B split showing why its good idea: