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Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Lessons Learned

With Black Friday in the books and Cyber Monday winding down, let’s discuss what we learned this year!

First off, how many of our users from outside of the US employ strategies to participate in these two periods?

I’m trying to get a read on whether people from outside the US are partaking in or using these two days as opportunities to boost sales, garner new leads, etc.

Did you start off using one strategy and adjust for Monday, or did you have two different approaches? What kind of a discount did you see performing best?

I live in Texas. Does that count as outside the US?

I used one approach for both days.

I also didn’t wait for Friday either.

Started free hangout at start of promo and did over 120k before anyone had turkey in their mouths…

About to go past $300,000 with one email left to go.

Had best section of a main product at ridiculous price of $27 and upsell funnel of course…

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At this moment, Black Friday is pretty much an international event. As far as I can tell, most retailers en Europe have Black Friday offers, some even talk about ‘Black Weekend’. The concept of Cyber Monday is less knows and most businesses simply extend their Black Friday offers.

That said, I did not have any Black Friday offers and decided to differentiate myself by using the traditional Dutch holiday of Sinterklaas for my offers.