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Best Practices Regarding Contact Movement Between Lists


I’ve read several posts regarding this process, but can’t get a grip on exactly the best way to proceed.

I’m trying to keep things simple. I start every new subscriber in my Welcome list and tag them accordingly. After a 3 email sequence I subscribe them to my newsletter list, tag them, and unsubscribe them from my welcome list, removing previous tags for the Welcome list. What I like about that is when I view my lists I can easily see how many are in the pipeline (Welcome list). What I don’t like is the constant stream of unsubscribes, not knowing how many of those are automated and how many are actual user unsubscribes. The reports show a high unsubscribe rate which freaks me out.

So, what is the AC position on the best way to move a subscriber from my Welcome list to the Newsletter list, and get a good picture of how many are currently in the Welcome list and how many are user unsubscribes?

Thank-you for your help in clearing this up for me.


Hi @happymarriagecoachin,

We can definitely help you with best practices for contact movement between lists. However, in order to have a detailed conversation around this topic I would recommend setting up a one-on-one with our Success team.




Is it possible to get a full answer on the best practice from Active Campaign here?

I also want to use list progression, where they move from list to list as the continue down the marketing funnel, rather than be on multiple lists at once.


Why not use tags instead of switching between lists? Now with the GDPR it’s even more important to save the subscription data the contact subscribed to. By using tags, you can trigger automations and send different emails based on the phase in the pipeline. For example, use the tag [phase]-introduction and [phase]-newsletter. Then you basically need only two lists: Leads and Customers. When you are sending a campaign, you can create a segment to send the email to contacts with a specific tag.

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