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Automation stucks at waiting condition


Hey together,

we have an automation with 80k contacts. Now we did a pre launch event yesterday with 3 mails and 3 waiting conditions.

The conditions waits until 11am and then sends a mail. Yesterday and today 60k contacts passed the mail 20k were stucked in the condition.

Maybe you know the problem.


I’m not 100% sure, but I’m wondering if you need to check the year first, then the month, then the day, and the time last? If that doesn’t work, I would contact support.

Since some of your contacts went through, I would think the issue is with the time. With that many contacts, it will take a while for AC to send them. I would set the time as “on or after” 11 am and you may even want to set it earlier just to be safe. It will take hours for that many contacts to pass through.