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Automation for new customers


Hi everyone,
sorry for the very trivial question but I’m starting now to work with active campaign:
I would like to understand how to set up an automation on new customers who make a purchase on my site;
My site has many repetitive customers and the confirmation page is

if I try to set up an automation that starts with CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE VISITED A (ONCE) this page*
BUT when I activate the automation this part automatically sends the email to all those who have seen it in the past while I would like to make the automation begin from those who started today excluding those already active (which saw that page in the past … how can I do?



The method you’re trying to use is not recommended as people can use different devices to make purchases, when an existing customer purchases from a different device they will also get that email. The recommended way would be to connect your ecommerce platform with AC (if you have WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Shopify this is very easy). Another way would be to send a custom event to ActiveCampaign when a purchase is made, this would save that data with the contact data you have in AC and would make it more reliable.

If you really want to continue on the route you suggested you can put a if/then split in your automation (see screenshot). then you let the “no path” lead to an “end automation”. However as mentioned, this is not a recommended method.