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Automation dashboard and mass tasks


Hi I was wondering if there was a way to get an overview of each automation without mousing over to the interaction/completion bars on reports? Even if I did that if there’s no campaigns within an automation. There are no reports for automations unless they are associated with a campaign too it seems (aside from the bar with % on the automations main page).

Some of the stats that would be good to see on an automations dashboard:

  • of completed, active, paused, failed/bounced. Additionally, opened/clicked/replied if campaigns exist

Also I was wondering if mass tasks are available:

  • sending an email template to a number of users at a certain stage/meeting certain criteria
  • manually ticking off a number of tasks as complete for contacts without having to into each one
  • mass creating tasks for a number of contacts by ticking (without having to set up via automation)