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Automation Based on Form Responses


Hi all,

I’m a new Active Campaign convert and was excited to get started on tagging leads as they come through our subscription form. Based on the responses on the form (checkboxes next to products and services of interest to that potential customer), I want to add tags so that I can keep track of information that might be relevant for those potentials.

I set up an automation, thought I double-checked the logic and was good to go - but when submitted test information I found that my automation wasn’t actually working. I don’t know if I over complicated everything by trying to do too much, if there’s an error in my logic, or if I simply wasn’t setting up the automation correctly in the first place. Below is a screen cap of some of the automation that I set up.

I looked through the help articles and the forum to see if something like this has already been answered, but I didn’t see anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


Hey @katie!

Took a look, and this looks good! How exactly is it now working? Is it applying some tags? None at all?

Also, sometimes, we (a faaaiiiir amount of people :wink: ) forget to activate an automation - just making sure!


@Ted Thank you! It’s not applying any tags, actually. I checked to make sure that it was active and that didn’t seem to be the problem either.

I just submitted another test form to check again and the tags still aren’t being applied. Just to double and triple check I also checked out my form and list and didn’t see any glaring errors there either.


Hey @katie!

Took a look into your automation, and we found two things that are probably the culprits.

First off, since your form has multiple options for people to express their interests, using the “match” condition will limit the submission of anything with more than one interest. I’ve changed it to contains so that multiple tags/interests should be allowed.

Second, looks like you have two “Cloud Services” custom fields, I would double check that this automation is referencing the intended one. If you choose to delete one, make sure that you don’t have any data associated with it before you go forward.

After you’ve checked these out, and re-tested - make sure to let us know!


Thank you! It’s working now. :slight_smile:


Fantastic, we’re happy to hear that!

Fantastic automation by the way - this is exactly what we like to see in regards to interest tagging :slight_smile: .


I’ve created an automation that’s almost identical to Katie’s and am having the same problem - the automation is not running at all and no tags are being added.

I changed each If/Else step to “contains” rather than “is” in case that helped, but still no luck.

It doesn’t look like contacts who fill out my form are entering the automation at all.

Any ideas are very welcome!!