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Are You Collecting Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score Today?

Hi everyone,

My name is Gwen and I work on the integration partnerships team at ActiveCampaign. It’s nice to meet you all. I will be straight-forward with my post here.

After searching the forum, I was unable to find any threads around integration solutions related to collecting customer satisfaction and net promoter score (NPS). I would love to start a conversation about it with you:

Question #1: What integrations are you using today to collect customer satisfaction and NPS on your website and emails?

Question #2: What are some challenges with the integration of choice from question #1?

Question #3: How has collecting customer satisfaction & NPS helped your business?

Question #4: What type of automations have you built around customer satisfaction & NPS?

Question #5: How can we help this community learn more about customer satisfaction, NPS, and related-topics surrounding customer feedback collection?

Thanks for your feedback. It is truly appreciated!