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Apps you can't live without!

This topic was inspired by @mavndigital - thank you!

No matter what capacity you are in professionally - you have your nice to haves, must haves, and the “take this away from me and I WILL WITHERS!”

Mine are:

Fun - Spotify - in 2013, myself and an analyst at a former job crunched the numbers and we’re pretty sure I cost them money in royalties lol. One would think it doesn’t help, but music, whether new, old, or obscure helps me get through the day and stay inspired. I make a monthly playlist if you’re interested…here is October’s.

Real - Quip - granted this tool is new to me, and I had been a Google Docs user for most of my career, but I’ve greatly enjoyed shaving down to such a light, fast app. It helps me create, iterate, and share effortlessly. I sort of love it :blush:. My favorite feature is the interface, it’s Medium-like in it’s look, and free of distraction and clutter.

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Kiwi for Gmail
Great new multi-account Gmail “browser”. Up to 6 Gmail accounts in one app.

Love that I can use it on desktop AND mobile when storing my TE datafile on Dropbox.

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YAY! I love talking apps… so many apps so little time.

Evernote - Can’t go past Evernote for not taking on multiple devices, mega good search
Full Contact Card Reader - Love that i can scan a business card, someone transcribes it and 20 minutes later it’s in my contacts + can get people directly into Active Campaign too :smile:
Pandora - Sorry @Ted, as much as I do like Spotify, I can’t go past Pandora for music. The algorithm is awesome that it just picks songs it knows I will love!

I could go on and on…

Oh… nice one @accountabilitysensei. I haven’t heard of Kiwi for Gmail. I"m gonna check it out - thanks!


OmniFocus - I won’t know what to do without my favourite task manager

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