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Advanced Search Not Working

The advance search seems a little buggy and doesn’t quite work.

At this stage, specifically these things:

  1. Doesn’t save the advanced fields I’m inputting.
  2. When I’ve got a second Segment Group and add a Second Condition, it adds two conditions by default and makes the first of the second excactly the same as my first Segment Group. (Screenshot
  3. Once I set the above conditions, click search - nothing appears so I go click the # Search Conditions to change the conditions and it appears to be the wrong search inputs. (Screenshot:
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Whilst trying to find another way to advanced search, I also noticed the option “Has Clicked on a link” has the dropdown to choose the campaign is in in the wrong order with the latest campaign at the bottom, not at the top like it is when creating a Segment.

And when clicking on View Contacts in a segment, it doesn’t bring up the list of contacts, only shows the number of contacts (Screenshot:

I’ve been told you cannot Advanced Search “Active” contacts. Will this be implemented? It is available in filtering but not in Advanced Search. Thanks

It is not currently possible to filter the advanced search / segment builder by status. There are technical, as well as design reasons for this. It was not possible before the beta either though bugs sometimes lead to the drop downs showing up, they did not actually work correctly. Using those filters would actually remove the advanced search results.

This is something we are discussing adding in the future through different means however there are no plans set to add this at the moment. This is already logged on and when/if it changes we’ll let people know there.