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Add and Set Custom Field to contact

Hi, here’s my code project in node.js :

And and example to use it :

let api = new Api(‘domain’,‘apitoken’);

var contact = {
“email”: "",
“firstName”: “Evan”,
“lastName”: “Boissonnot”,
“phone”: “7223224241”

api.addContactWithCustomFieldToAutomation(contact, 11, ‘’, 274)
.then((result) => {

My custom filed 's id : 11.
Automation Id : 274.

So, as you can read, I want to add a new contact to automation, sending a new email.
Before I add the new contact to automation, I add a existing custom field (id : 11) with value : “”.

In my mail box, I get the new email, but the custom field is always empty.

Could you help me, please ?


With details, I use this url to add custom field to contact :

let endOdUrl = “fieldValues”;

Hi, I’ve created a file to test without promise.

Code is a bit ugly (hellback) but it must be run … and no custom field in my received email :’(

Evan, I’ve submitted your info to our API support team and they’ll be in touch soon. Thanks!

Hi tjahn !

Well thank you ! :slight_smile:


What about some news, please ? my prod is blocked due this issue :slight_smile:

Stuck with exactly same issue. Would appreciate any update plz.

Hi Evan,

I just talked with our team and the ticket is still being worked on. We will let everyone know when the solve is out.


Hi !

Okay, thanks you … i’m waiting :slight_smile:

is there actually ever fixed?