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ActiveCampaing Tracking not working on Shopify after complete install

Hi there

I don’t know who I should talk to since ActiveCampaing Support is completely useless for tech related issues. They can’t even tell me if ActiveCampaign has been able to track anything on my website whatsover.

So I’ve installed the Tracking code on my Shopify page hoping to make automations easy. I’ve used ActiveCampaign before and therefore, I was hoping for a smooth experience, but I am struggling because I can’t identify the reason why the tracking is not working.

So I will show what I am doing hoping someone will know what’s going on and can help.

a) I’ve followed - “How to enable ActiveCampaign Site Tracking for your Shopify” article from ActiveCampaign in every single detail. (Creating the ActiveCampaignTracker.js, removing the <scripts> from the code, saving it on ASSETS and then adding the TAG on Head Section of Theme.liquid)

b) I’ve followed - How to set up Site Tracking for a Regular Website (By adding the tracking <script> on the footer, I’ve added it in every single Footer.liquid from my theme, even though I know which Footer.liquid my current page is using)

The ActiveCampaingTracker.js Seems to be loading perfectly as showed by the image

and the script is also being loaded on the footer as showed in the image below here:

But for some reason, the events are not been triggered on ActiveCampaign. I am talking about simple stuff like: USER goes to PAGE X => AC triggers an Automation => Automation add a TAG on the USER. Thats it.

Does anyone had this issue?

Hello @ventar, we are also experiencing the exact same issue on our Shopify store.

Were you able to find a solution for this?

Thanks in advance!