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ActiveCampaign marking email links as 'malicious'

Why did ActiveCampaign mark the links on the email I sent as malicious? Both my email address & company address is verified. Can someone please help? I need to get this sorted out ASAP. And I did scanned the links too, they were completely safe and malware free.

Note that I’m not an AC support person, but I am a certified consultant. This most likely is not AC marking the links as malicious. It’s a known issue that Microsoft’s Office365 service, in particular if the recipient is using Office365’s Advanced Threat Protection service that is marking them this way.

This is the latest thing from the support team on it, hopefully this will help you:

“We’ve once more received similar reports of links being flagged as suspicious at Office 365 from other customers. Our engineers are currently investigating the issue to ensure that we resolve this problem once and for all.The last round of false positives had seemingly been resolved after extensive efforts by our Engineers to contact Microsoft through traditional and non-traditional channels, which we will pursue once again.This issue is still only impacting recipients who utilize Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection. If you are a B2B sender, or if your list comprises of a large number of Office 365 recipients, we recommend that you temporarily disable tracking links while we work to resolve this issue. The message recipient can also report the false positive to, or through a support ticket in their Office 365 account.”

Thanks for the help mate :))
Yes after researching on this issue, the only solution we came with was to disable “link tracking”. But now it make AC much less useful and turning off link tracking disables google analytics feature in the campaign as well. I hope AC fixes this issue with Office 365 soon.