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ActiveCampaign is really slow


As per the subject, AC is really slow. Suddenly started crushing on me and the pages do not load. Every other try is successful however, the site reloads so slow that it is unworkable. I asked my team members to check on their computers and they are experiencing the same issues.

Is something happening on your side?

Please help. I have deadlines and tonnes of work to do ;p

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I am having the same issue right here. When I setup automations it takes at least 30 seconds to save each individual step. I am trying to adjust an automation and at this rate it is going to take me the whole day if I am lucky. Any ideas as to what can be done?

It’s painful, and almost unusable.

I am also finding the page load times to be incredibly long sometimes making it unusable.

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Yes, I find the page loads INCREDIBLY slow. Any updates from AC?

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It seems to be completely down for us today as of mid morning Eastern Time. Although their status page indicates everything is “operational”.

I’m finding more and more that ActiveCampaign is just unusable for us.

Does anyone know if the amount of data in the CRM has anything to do with the page load time? I have to reboot it several times per day.

We are experiencing the same, although the issue is intermittent for us. Some times during the day the system works really quickly, other times it is just painfully slow. I would appreciate formal comment from AC on this.

Same here. Today we got this message: " We’re sorry, but we weren’t able to reconnect. You can try to reload the page" and can’t work on anything.

Losing 2 hours a day is costly to a small business yet alone 6-8 hours a week, it slowly becomes unacceptable.

Purely from a business standpoint, it won’t make sense much longer to justify that lost time.

I’ve the same problem, can’t work on my campaign. Every 5 seconds the message “We’re sorry, but we weren’t able to reconnect. You can try to reload the page.” comes up. Have there been any solutions in the past?

It doesn’t look like ActiveCampaign are monitoring this forum… Over 6 months with no response to this thread…

I’ve had the slow loading problem for a couple of months at least. Sometimes it’s fine and I think things have been fixed - then it’s slow again. Really frustrating when AC is an important part of your business.

When I contacted Support recently, I got a reply after a couple of days, saying that it was a known issue but has been fixed now.

Today I’ve been waiting for it to load while writing this. Now I’ve finished moaning on here to make me feel better (and to give me something to do while I wait!) the pages are loading OK again!
Good - but still a nightmare.

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