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ActiveCampaign & Gravity Forms -- tagging

Hi, all!

I know there are some Gravity Forms/ActiveCampaign power users, and I need help with something. I have Gravity Forms installed, together with the ActiveCampaigns add-on. I have a 13-question, multiple-choice quiz that I want to pass email addresses to my ActiveCampaign account, and I want it to tag them based on their answers to various questions. To put it another way, I want this quiz to enable users to segment themselves into multiple tags all in one go. But I’m new to both GF and AC, and I can’t figure out what I need to do, to pass tags over.

Since the add-on is linking the two, I think I should be able to do this without an additional third-party app, but I can’t seem to locate any documentation about tagging and GF/AC integration.


I’m not familiar enough with the Gravity Forms integration to give you a specific answer on how to do that, but I don’t want you to feel like you’re being ignored.

One possible solution is to have the tags added on the ActiveCampaign side with an automation. You could have a hidden field on your form and then use the “Field changes” trigger to look for a change to that field. The automation then adds the tags that you want to add. Not ideal, but I think it should work unless you need the tags to be unique based on the contact’s answers to the form’s questions.

I do need them to be unique based on the answers entered, but I think I can still do that; it will just require more forms. I could use conditional logic, I think, to tell the form to only display a given hidden field if a particular answer is supplied to a given question. I’ll have to double-check that I can use conditional logic for hidden fields, but I can try it.

I’m not sure, though, what to tell it in the form settings, to match up the GF entries to whatever AC needs on its end.

It’s not released yet but you might check out - the proceess you’re describing is a lot like Ryan Levesque’s ask method and I believe bucket will be integrated with AC out of the box.

Interesting; I’ll check it out. Thank you!

Okay, so I have it about halfway working, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I think at this point the issue is pretty much on the ActiveCampaign side. Here’s what I did (I’m working with just one question right now, so as not to complicate things while I work out the bugs.):

  1. Created a field in AC that duplicates the question in GF. (Answer choices are copied verbatim.)
  2. Created an automation in AC. (I’ll get into more detail in a moment, because that’s where I think my glitch is.)
  3. Set the AC plugin in GF to match the custom AC field to the GF field.

Now, here’s what I’m running into. I’ve tried setting up the automation two different ways, and neither is working quite right. The first thing I tried is setting it to trigger when any form is submitted and the answer to question A is B – then it should add C tag. Gravity Forms is sending the data over; I know this because the newly-created contact now has that custom field’s answer entered in her information. However, it isn’t applying the automation. I can only assume it isn’t reading that as a “form submission.”

So I tried setting up an automation to trigger any time that custom field is changed – contact added or updated – to answer B, then it should add C tag. But for some reason, this does not seem to run when the answer is first entered in the field. So the tag is not being created when the form is first submitted. If I manually change the content of the form field, this automation runs, but it doesn’t do it when the information is first entered.

What am I missing?

What am I missing?

It doesn’t sound to me like you’re missing anything and the second automation should fire when the form is submitted and the contact is updated/added. The only thing I’d check is the trigger’s settings to be sure it’s set to “Added or updated:”

If it is, then I’d submit a support ticket so that our support team can investigate. It might be something isn’t configured quite correctly or it might be a bug with how data is passed into AC from a third party form. Be sure to include the URL of the automation that is supposed to be fired. You might also want to include a link to this forum discussion to give them additional context about what you’re trying to do.

Thanks! I’ll submit a support request in case there’s a bug that needs to be fixed for more than just me, but I did find an alternate option. The form was successfully passing over the general tags (non-answer-dependent), so I used one of those tags as the trigger.

I don’t know the full details of what you are trying to do, however I have a similar case.

There are 2 things you can look at:

1 - Setting up the ActiveCampaign integration for your form. On the right hand side of the “tags” area you can select any of the fields from your form. This means that whatever the value of that field (that your user selects) will be added as a tag. You can also do this for multiple fields if you want.

2 - I assume you using a multi-page form? If so you can add some code that will process your form when someone goes the next page. You can use this to better control the logic (if the built in conditional logic is not sufficient). For example you could say if they selected A and B but not C then return the value D. This can then be put into a hidden field. Then you select this hidden field as per number 1 above and that is the tag that is applied to your contact.

If I didn’t explain this well let me know. Or feel free to get in touch and we can discuss further. I have yet to find something gravity forms can’t do.

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Yeah, the first option is what I was trying to do, except for some reason the automation was getting confused on ActiveCampaign’s end, so the data was being passed over but the tag wasn’t being applied. Setting a form-wide tag as the trigger seems to have done the trick, though!

So now I have: Trigger when tag “Quiz” is added and the response to field abc is xyz…and that’s working.

(You don’t happen to have a popup plugin you love that will let you embed a Gravity Form via shortcode, do you? That’s my next step, and I’ve spent the past two solid days trying to find one that works.)

I often use Magnific Popup for gravity forms. However it isn’t a plugin it is a bit of javascript code to add to your site.

Another option is to use thrive content builder. Normally with their light boxes most people use the built in forms, however you can delete these. There is an option to “add wordpress content”. Using that you can add in a gravity form.

Thrive content builder is great so this method gets you landings pages and pop-ups and light boxes but with the power and flexibility of gravity forms.

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Awesome; thank you!!

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Hi guys, awesome dialogue. Can I get back on this? I’m doing the same - I have an career orientation program and I’m collecting various data from a specific gravity forms questionnaire. I now want to add tags based on a multiple choice reply of my subscribers from gravity from to active campaign. It does work already but it is a pretty long and confusing tag: the complete answer of the question. How can I make this smoother and alter the gravity forms tag export to active campaign in a better way?

Option 1 worked perfectly for me!

I set up a check box and added all of the possible choices to the tag field in the integration section of the form. The selected options are passed as tags to the Contact in ActiveCampaign. Super simple and just worked - no automations or custom fields required.