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AC very slow

My login area is extremly slow, sometimes it takes up to a minute till a screen loads. I can make a video showing the very bad performance as I have never seen such a bad performance before in my live. Probably it is due to not giving enough hardware to the account.

Is there a solution.

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Hi @samt1:

Our apologies that you’re experiencing slow performance. We were having platform issues earlier today that were identified and resolved, so that could be the issue you experienced. You can sign up to receive notifications from our status page here:

If you’re still experiencing issues, please reach out to our Support team directly as they do not actively monitor this forum and we want to be sure someone can help!

Thank you,

thanks, I can confirm that it works well now.


I totally agree with you. After reviewing many CRM software. I have now made my mind to use the Lite plan of the Active Campaign CRM tool. I am currently using the Trial version in order to get some idea about how to use it properly and implementing different features.

But on trial, I have found that it is kinda slow, it takes a lot of time in refreshing the page and also in initializing. Maybe this is because of the Trial version of this software.

I have to use it for my Amazon affiliate marketing website, I need a quick and handy tool to get my work done fast. Is it possible to use it for my given website, or If I add your code in the footer, will it not reduce the website speed? Can you please confirm this?


I am also having an issue with Active campaign being very slow right now. I am setting up automations and it is taking 30 seconds every time I click submit. Is there a way to speed this up?