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AC Chrome Plugin shows "Your Account Expired" when it hasn't


Hi, I am having an issue with the chrome plugin. It worked fine but now whenever I am trying to add a new person, it shows me an error stating that “My account has expired” with a link to “Renew Account”. When I click that I just go to the page showing my current plan (which is plus) and nothing else happens.

So I was wondering if anybody has experienced the same or knows what is going wrong or what i can do. Thanks.


I am facing the same issue recently. Any update or solution?


Hi @businessflipping,

Thanks for bringing this up again, we are looking into this issue. Thanks!



I also am having this issue as of this morning.


Hi @mammothalaska,

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix right now. I will report back on this thread when it has been updated.



Hi @mammothalaska and @businessflipping,

This extension should be working now. Google releases updates progressively, so if you’re not seeing this fix yet, you may have to manually push this.



It didn’t work until I uninstalled & reinstalled the extension. It seems to be working fine now.
Thank you.