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About the BETA - Site Messaging

Hello ActiveCampaign Partners,

I am very excited to let you know that starting today we are rolling out our Site Messaging private beta exclusively to certified consultants. This is an invite-only private beta for now, and we are incredibly excited to get it into your hands before the rest of the community.

Site Messages are lightweight notifications that you can deploy on your site to any segment of users.
Site Messages are the most recent step in our mission of making it incredibly easy to send the right message to the right contact at the right time.

Site Messages currently come in three themes; Basic, Colored, and Dark Stripe. Each theme can have one of four layouts, and each message has both an initial and a detailed message view for you to configure.

If you would like to have your account upgraded to the private beta, send a message to Tim ( and he will get you upgraded as soon as it is available.

This is a “real” beta, so there might be bugs, things might not work as intended, etc… This is why we value your feedback so much. It’s always a good idea to test things out with a trial account before upgrading your production account. We encourage you to let us know of any and all feedback you might have by emailing Tim.

BONUS! This update is also part of the new Shopify Deep Data integration, so you will have access to both new features if you decide to upgrade.

~ Jordan Skole
Product Marketing

Hi @jskole,

This is a awesome feature!! I’m happy to test it and give feedback.

First a question… is it (or will it be) possible to add a form when somebody clicks the message? As far I could find, it is only possible to show a message and a button.

Cheers, Nico

@campagne - Not at the moment but that is something that has been requested a few times now, so it’s on our radar. I’ve added that to our internal site messages ideas board. Currently, our Site Messages support text, emoji, buttons, and images. Thanks!

Any thoughts on how best to test this? If I set this up as a trigger in an automation and I have a bunch of test contacts in AC, how/who do I dump in the automation to test? Who does it think is the user? Seems like a silly question but I am not sure who AC thinks I am! :slight_smile:

Seriously … this seems a little clunky to test compared to email or text. Any thoughts? Recommendations?

@sync2crm - What I’ve done to test Site Messages is created an automation that is triggered by a tag being added to a contact (for example, the tag “message”). Then I create an action in the automation to send that contact a site message.

After you’ve setup your Site Message, you can then give a contact the tag “message”. Then when that contact visits any page on your site that you have our site tracking setup on, they’ll see the Site Message.

As for how you can be the contact, the best way is to setup the automation first and then log out of your account. Sign up now as a contact through a form on your account and you should be tracked. Open your account in a different browser (or an Incognito window in the same browser), log into your account, and give that new contact the “message” tag. Now when you visit your site in the browser you signed up to the form in, you should see the Site Message.

Hi @tjahn- Here is what I did and it didn’t work. I created an automation that triggered site message when someone is added to Email List. I then used Chrome incognito window to fill out optin form on site with new test contact. Contact was added and automation said site message was fired but I never saw it. Continued to navigate around the site. Never saw site message.

@sync2crm - Try it the opposite, with the form filling out happening in the non-Incognito window and your administration happening in the Incognito window. Sometimes tracking doesn’t work in Incognito windows. If you continue to have issues, feel free to email me: tjahn at activecampaign dot com

Very excited to be using this !

However… testing it I set up a new automation triggered by adding a tag andapplied it to a testing contact. The automation says the contact went through it all and should have seen the site message.
But the contact in fact never saw the site message…
Tested this in chrome browser and with firefox, no luck.

Any ideas what went wrong or what I did wrong?

@sidelinesports - This sounds like a bug and nothing that you did wrong. Can you email me the steps you took and any relevant screenshots so that I can send this over to development? My email is tjahn at activecampaign dot com. Thanks!

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@tjahn Looks like you’ve been fielding most of the bug reports on this. I’ve got a couple notes so far.

  1. ICON - Not clickable
  • The hover state is working (mouse arrow turns into pointing finger) for the “message-icon”, but nothing happens upon click.
  • Experienced this in latest version of Chrome for Windows.
    *The icon looks great and grabs attention with animation and customizable icon/color. *
  1. DELETED SITE MESSAGE - Deleted in ActiveCampaign, still appearing on all web properties with tracking code.

@waxwinginteractive - You’ve come to the right person! :slight_smile:

For the first issue, can you email me the URL of the site message in your account? My email is tjahn at activecampaign dot com.

For the second issue, we’ve taken the approach of email. When you send a campaign, if you delete the campaign, that doesn’t delete that campaign in any inboxes it’s been sent to. That being said, in this scenario, we do control the “inbox” and could delete any queued up messages, whereas with email we don’t control the inbox. Would love to get your thoughts on how you see this working.

Hi @tjahn - Just having a play with Site Messaging for the first time today after being added to the Beta but can’t make it show up on the site we’re testing on.

We’ve targeted it at certain users for testing and I can see site tracking is working by looking at their profiles but nothing shows on the front end. Have tried targeting wildcard url for whole site and specific pages. Testing in a Magento environment if it makes any odds?

@warp_design - Can you shoot me an email (tjahn at activecampaign dot com) with what automation in your account you have this setup in? Thanks!

I’ve just emailed you thank you :slight_smile:

This is working great on my site. Can’t wait to get a few more formatting options for the text in the “Detailed Message”.

Also, it would be great to be able to delete the queued messages. For instance if I send out a time-sensitive message about a promotion, I don’t want people getting the site-message after the promotion is over.

A “chat” feature that sends an email to an admin would be cool.

Also a notification sound for the message would be cool.

Great work!

@enochsears - Thanks for the feedback! What sort of formatting options were you thinking?

Hi there.

Is there any date for launching this feature?


@eduardobeta - No official date but we’re in the final stages of the beta.

Hi there! This sounds fantastic for various reasons. The most interesting thing would be to use this for custom calls to action based upon data of the visitor:

  1. Add a CEO touch for certain visitors (“Special Executive Summary for CEOs included!”)
  2. Help the customer navigate (“As an existing customer we recommend you reading this extended version here…”)
  3. Bring industry flavours into the mix (“This is a general overview. For automotive companies there’s a specialised version right here:”).

The possibilities are endless and bring email and website closer together. I would love to give this a trial run. Is there any way I can get a beta invite? (Your support pointed to this topic for a question of mine)