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11 people stuck at beginning of queue


I set up an email automation for reminders for a webinar. It’s been working great, funneling people in to the appropriate spot in the automation when they register. Now, it’s 1.5 hours till the start of the webinar and I have 11 people stuck in the cue at the beginning, waiting for a date that has passed. How do I get them moved up to the email that will send in 30 min to give them instructions to join the webinar?

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If you open up the wait Queue by clicking it, you’ll see a list of all the contacts waiting. Click into each contact then click on the name of the automation. You’ll see an option to push them through the wait:


That’s a lot of work. I manually emailed this batch on Saturday so they could access the webinar. But now my next webinar reminder automation has 33 people stuck at the top of the cue when that date has already passed, and there’s still 5 days to sign up. I need help fixing the automation so that it works. I can’t manually push 50-100 people through over the next week. Automations are meant to prevent that waste of valuable time.

I had a 30 minute session with AC to troubleshoot these and was told they would work as they are now. :frowning:


It’s not even giving me the option to skip the wait time in the individual contact record for the automaiton.


See my responses below…


It looks like your account might be on a version that doesn’t have this feature. If you’d like to upgrade your account to the latest version, click the button at the bottom of this page.


You should use a Goal condition rather than a Wait until condition. The Goal condition will warp the contacts after the conditions are met while the Wait until will wait for those conditions to become true.


I had a goal condition in there originally. The Active Campaign staff told me to delete the goal and do it this way. That the goal wasn’t designed for what I was trying to achieve.

Can you provide some specific instructions on that?

I was really happen with ActiveCampaign, but it’s starting to lose it’s luster when I can’t get appropriate help on how to use it successfully.


Hi Penny,

Sorry to hear about the negative impact of that advice. Date-based automations in particular can be complex and advice can be good in one specific situation and bad in another depending on a number of variables.

Using a “Wait until” condition makes sense if all contacts are entering your automation at once. That way everyone moves through when the date hits, as a group. What appears to have happened here is that some contacts entered after the “Wait until” date and got stuck there because the condition was no longer true.

When contacts are entering at different times, it makes more sense to use Goal conditions. This way, any contact will jump forward after the date condition is met, regardless of whether they entered before or after the date condition.

To edit this automation, I’d add the Goal underneath the Wait condition you currently have. Then I’d delete the wait.

I’d recommend that you book another one-on-one though so that someone can take a look at this automation in depth and hear what you want it to do in detail. I know there may have been a misunderstanding last time but that’s very rare and I think you’d benefit from someone taking the time to examine this automation.


Can you give me the link to sign up for another call? I’m not finding it. Thanks!


Sure, you can sign up here:


Hi @Brian

I also have 1.118 users stuck at a ‘wait for 2 days’ step…

Some of them are stuck in this step for more than 20 days!

Can someone take a look at my account asap?

I already sent 2 messages via de admin contact form but had no replies so far.

Just in case, the website from which I am obtaining these leads is

Waiting your fastest response.


Hi @marcuslucas,

I see that you have submitted a support ticket with our team and I have escalated it with them. They will be providing an update to you via email.