Poor Customer Service

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What do people do when you need to trouble shoot something and Active Campaign Customer Service is not helping? Do I cancel my subscription and switch to another provider?


  • leadingforchange
    edited February 3

    I think that’s a personal decision based on whether you can live with the problems, or it’s causing a material problem. I too am in the same boat, and although they’ve been responsive, their answer has been that they’re unsure when they will fix the problem. I am currently investigating my options.

  • regancapital
    edited February 3

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  • GabiL
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    Hey @regancapital, I’m Gabi, Community Specialist here at ActiveCampaign. Apologies for the trouble with getting your issue resolved. I see that the team has been able to get this taken care of for you. Apologies once again for the trouble.

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