Using dates of tasks in customer e-mails possible?

Hello, for our Camper company we would like the CRM system to work as follows:

  • When we speak to a customer on the phone, we will make an appointment to meet.

    We would like to manually make the task ‘appointment’ and fill out the date and time. Is it possible that Active Campaign uses this ‘task date & time’ to send out an e-mail to the customer: "we will meet each other at and ?

Or - if this is not possible - we would like the system to work the other way around:

We fill out in de Deal data: date & time of the appointment. The system automaticcaly sends an e-mail (so far so good, we made this automation work!). But: can AC make a task based on the date & time in the deal data?

Hoping to hear from you.

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