Is it possible to have a continuous test environment?

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My main question is, is it possible to have a continuous test Active Campaign environment that is linked into my test website.

I currently have my test website wired into an Active Campaign Sand Box. I didn’t realise there is a 100 email limit that does not reset, and apparently cannot be reset. So when I reach this limit I’ve been told I need to set up a new Sand Box and re-wire everything until I reach the next limit. And so on.

This makes the Sand Box a bit redundant for a continuous test environment as I can’t rebuild it every time. Way to time consuming.

The only solution I can think of is to pay for a second Active Campaign account which I am reluctant to do.

Has anyone else come up against this?

And, I’m wondering how other people are managing their testing. Maybe I’m thinking about it in the wrong way?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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